The quickest and most positive way to increase your Sales.

Sometimes all the investment in marketing plans under the sun will fail or only slightly increase your sales; where as one sure way is to buy out or merge with a like or complementary Business.

You hear it all the time in the media where one multinational has made a takeover bid for a Competitor. It may surprise you how many don’t create headlines. One thing for sure they happen for a good reason; rapid expansion of a Business Model. Other short term benefits may include; increased product or brand range, customer data base, manufacturing or service equipment that can be rationalised (cashed in) or utilised not forgetting the Intellectual Property and skill sets that will transfer to the new owners.

Established Business Brokers like myself have a list of; ready to sell, would sell if the price was right, at the age where they should think about retiring or tried to sell once, Business Owners. It is quite common to use a Broker as a Buyer’s Agent to investigate and negotiate in a confidential manner to achieve the desired outcome whilst under the radar. Need to find out more about the process of buying or selling contact (click here) Adrian Coyne now.

A Guaranteed way to increase your Sales

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