Business Value – Improve It by Reducing the Risks to Maintain Profits

business valueThe value of a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) comes principally from the benefits (maintainable profits) received in owning it.

The value of a business enterprise increases as the risks associated with realising its future profits are minimised.

Central to the concept of increasing the value of an SME business to a prospective buyer is taking steps and making decisions that reduce the risks to future profits by securing this ideal Location.

Risk – Lease Tenure

Most SME businesses are leasehold operations. Their right to trade is governed by the terms and conditions of the property lease associated with the business premises they occupy. The lease tenure (the timeframe in which the business can occupy the premises) is defined in the lease. The term of the lease defines the period for which the business can trade. It is not a precise statement because, on occasions, it may be reasonable to assume a lease may be renewed, or a new lease entered into. But, assuming terms and periods of tenure beyond that defined in the property are not assured.

Long leases secure the right to occupy and continue at that business premises. Long leases usually add value to the business enterprise in the eyes of prospective buyers. It secures the timeframe in which the business can trade and make future profits.

Business Value – Improve It by Reducing the Risks

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