Hit the target When Buying A Queensland or NSW Small Business.
We help you Buying A Queensland or NSW Small Enterprise opportunity hit the Target.

If you are considering Buying a Small Business activity, there are a number of factors that you will need to investigate. We specialise in helping people buy and sell opportunities.

We offer advice an assistance to ensure that you make the correct choices or hit the target.

This page of the “Sell Your Business ASAP.com.au” website provides information and resources to assist you with the buying a small enterprise acquisition process or more importantly help you make your short list.

Some of the most important things you need to consider when choosing the best small business for you are:
  • Your Budget – That is what cash you have available now + What you have the ability to borrow against your present assets. Borrowing against Leasehold Businesses is not common practice unless it is highly respected Franchise or Asset strong.
  • The Right Feel – visit the premises, do you feel that this is where I can turn my passion into profits?
  • Financial Considerations – Total Cost to Purchase, Return on Investment, Desired and required Profitability,  Assets included, Ongoing Fixed Expenses, Future Development Expenses etc..
  • Type of  Small Business – Franchise, Independent, Retail or Business to Business, Online ? Trade Service – what type of small business suits you best ?
  • Location, Location, Location – Growth or Decline area ? Ease of Access, Parking, Visibility, Future Town Planning Developments, Population Demographics, is Relocation required? etc…
  • Passion vs Lifestyle – Do you “like” the industry, are you buying a job, are you going to Work On or Work In the Business? etc..

Don’t hesitate to CONTACT us are if you have any questions or refer to these pages below relating to buying a small business ;

Is this Business Right for You”?   “What Buyers Want”

“What makes a Saleable Business”  “Buying a Franchise”