Brisbane’s Garage Door Industry welcomes a new player!

D & K Doors are now P & K Doors  (but name won’t change)

Please welcome Peter & Karen Eden & Congratulate Kerry Robertson on a well-earned Retirement.

A good strategy, a good experience and a good outcome:

When the time came in late 2015 to sell my 37 year old Garage Door Business I thought that the process would be simple, I looked in the Saturday paper to compare the market and to my surprise there was little on offer. Never having had to sell a business before, I was told that at times this would be a stressful and long procedure.

At this time I realised that to achieve my desired outcome I would need to engage the services of an experienced Business Broker. I did some research before I found Adrian Coyne; I would have to say how very fortunate I was to have him helping me with this final stage before retirement. We were of similar age and life experiences so his level of understanding of my business was brilliant and he listened to my ideas and input. I felt that we developed a good bond and understanding each other’s thoughts was easy.

Although a quick sale was my agenda, Adrian in conjunction with my Accountant suggested that we needed to plan and fine tune my business to enhance the opportunity before we went to the market at 30th June 2016. It soon became obvious by the level of information Adrian was requesting from myself and my main suppliers in a confidential manner that familiarisation and preparation was more important to him than making a quick dollar.

I also gave him quite a challenge because I insisted on two things; that it does not become common knowledge that I was selling so he was not able to use the term Garage Doors in his advertising.  I also insisted that there was no email correspondence to the Business so this required numerous AHS meetings to keep me abreast of the progress. Adrian took over a lot of the process, qualified a number of suitable buyers and facilitated inspections in a professional manner. The clarity and conciseness of proceedings, the efficiency with which he always responded to my phone calls and his attention to detail extended to proofing Contractual and Lease documentation has made this whole process so much easier for me.

Our buyer was actually living in Darwin when negotiations started so maintaining the sale process long distance must have taken a lot of detailed communication to complete the sale.

I must say that overall it was a good strategy, a good experience and a good outcome!

I would not hesitate to recommend Adrian’s services to anyone, and I wish the Buyers every success in the future.

Kerry Robertson


Business Broker Adrian Coyne described this Business as one of the best he’s Marketed and Sold including a very satisfying result for all concerned.


Garage Door Legend Kerry Robertson Retires