The must have when preparing a small business or enterprise TO SELL ASAP   is to have   “all your Agreements, Contracts, Leases available and up to Date” All your  DUCKS IN A ROW.


When selling a small business, buyers want all the Peas in a pod
When selling a small business, to maintain a buyers interest everything must be in place!

 Sell Your small Business ASAP has been developed to help educate and answer many of the questions asked by Sellers and Buyers of a small business.

By sharing my skills you will be better prepared to make it as quick as possible (ASAP) to reach your career goal weather you are Selling a small business or Buying that dream when the right opportunity arrives. Obviously because there can be quite an investment or the handing over of your treasured business we will need to help you have all your “ducks in a row” or as we call it, “all the peas in the pod” to ensure that the process moves forward towards the best possible result for both parties in a prompt and professional manner.

Where I started to where I am now;

After owning three small businesses over a 30 year period I was fortunate to meet a Business Broker when I was ready to sell the most recent one.   I had had many associations with Real Estate Salespeople as clients but never realised that there were specialist in selling a small Business; I was also pleasantly surprised to learn what my middle of the range Tyre Sales Franchise was worth on the market after it was presented in a professional manner to a qualified serious buyer.

As they say in the classics the rest is history, my much sort after small business soon sold for over 2 times more than I expected. At the age of 50 + there was I looking for an exciting new career, I would like to say street wise on how to run a business and communicate with entrepreneurs but little else. I kept in touch with that Broker because I understood and liked what he did. Before long he suggested that with my knowledge and experience combined with the Regulatory Training that I would be welcome to join  his Brokerage. That was a great training ground, combined with curiosity to increased my knowledge to include extensive Queensland and New South Wales qualifications as listed below I  now work independently to give the best one on one service available.

What does this mean to an Entrepreneur looking at selling a small business?

Selling your small business is an emotional process, you won’t understand most of it and if you decide to do it yourself there is a high chance that either it won’t sell or you will receive much less than you expected or it was really worth. That is why using a Qualified Business Broker to sell a small business will give a better result.

I now gain a huge level of satisfaction assisting Business Owners and Entrepreneurs achieve their career goals by helping them sell or buy a small business in a professional and prompt manner. Through preparation has resulted in a high success rate and I usually achieve 95% of the asking price and a very satisfied Buyer.

Choosing the right Broker can be just as hard, my 10 strengths are:

  • Experience gained as a business owner, seller and 10 years selling small businesses.
  • A Business Valuer – Advice on Asking Price that “stacks up”.
  • Clearly explained process, systems and marketing options.
  • Advice on getting Business “Sale Ready”.
  • Tips on increasing and achieving your selling price.
  • Collating of all Documents required to “jump the hurdles”.
  • Handle Enquires, Qualify Buyers ability and expectations.
  • Managing the “Sale Process” with minimum disruption to your business.
  • Assisting with Finance arrangements to ensure that settlement date is achieved.
  • I have learnt (when appropriate) how to “shut up and listen”.


  • QLD Real Estate Agent Licence
  • NSW Real Estate & Business Agent
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers,
  • AIBB Certified Practicing Business Broker
  • AIBB Registered Business Valuer
  • TAFE QLD Cert 4 Small Business Management
  • REIQ & AIBB Board Member – Business Broker Chapters

Favourite Quotations or Words of Wisdom;

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” (Muhammad Ali’s 15 Quotes of Wisdom for Entrepreneurs (and everyone).

The Numbers will never Lie! John McGrath, McGraths Estate Agents.

Education turns failure into Success! The more you learn, the more you earn!

Good Business must be Fun Business!

Quality is doing things right when no one is watching. Do it right – Do it once!

The best way to predict your future is to create it. ~Abraham Lincoln

You don’t know what you don’t know !

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