Do you need a  Business Valuation ?  or

An Appraisal to establish a Sale Price

that your Enterprise would achieve in todays Market?

A Business Activity Valuation is commonly requested for the following reasons;

  • A Business or Commercial Enterprise Valuation utilising several Methodologies Report will assist in justifying an Asking Price to Sell a Business.
  • Looking to Purchase a Business (what to pay)
  • To establish a Business Valuation for Partnership/Shareholder Disputes
  • Family Law Settlements
  • To establish Stamp Duty/Restructures/Asset Transfers
  • Determine Damages resulting from a uncontrolled Change in Circumstances
  • Takeovers/Mergers, to establish the Asset Value a time of Acquisition
  • Other Asset Value as a Security (Banks, out of interest etc.)

At its most basic level, our business valuation methodologies or assessments will quantify the following situation or status of the enterprise:

  • What is the future earning potential of this business?
  • What resources are required to produce or increase that revenue?
  • How do those estimates change under different assumptions?
  • What are the durable competitive advantages of the firm and how much are they worth?
  • What weaknesses exist that could threaten future profits?

If you appoint us and we answer these questions about your business, not only will you have a better idea of where you stand financially, but you’re much more capable of evaluating your Business’s strategic position and future direction. And valuation also helps you identify any weaknesses. Contact Adrian Coyne your Registered Business Valuer to find out more.