Street Sign, Stuck at the Cross Roads, how and when to Sell or Buy a Small Business
Stuck at the Cross Roads, how and when to Sell or Buy a Small to Medium Business or Commercial Enterprise.

Time to Sell or Buy a Small Business activity; Where to Start?

You may be thinking or already made up your mind that “it is time to sell your Small Business”.

The steps and advice that you take are important so that you achieve your desired outcome;

You may wish if you have the time to Sell your own Business Activity or Commercial Enterprise (a DIY the Sale).

If you don’t;- the following are the proven steps that can’t be bypassed and will be explained in detail at our first meeting ;

  1. Choose a Qualified and Experienced Business Broker experienced in selling a like Small Business activity.
  2. We will meet, appraise and offer suggestion on your expectations
  3. An Asking Price Range and Time Line is agreed on
  4. Information is collected with aid of your advisors; What Attracts Buyers & What Makes A Business Saleable
  5. Final preparation and Marketing Plan is explained by Business Broker
  6. Buyers are Qualified, Inspection of your Small Business, Offers Formalised
  7. Business Broker manages process until Settlement

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